March 2006
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Emily's second

March Break

A Win for Fred

Visit to London
March Break
First Day of Ski School
Colin learning how
to put on his skiis
Colin was an
enthusiastic beginner!
Jordan looked
cool on the slopes!
Jordan receiving
Jordan can be seen in
the midst of the crowd,
with arm extended
Colin and his
Jordan getting
back on his feet
Jordan gets
instruction on the tow
Above, Jordan is
standing right centre,
Colin is obscured,
being assisted to get
on the tow. Right, Colin
is on his way up the hill
Jordan shows his
snowplow technique
Second Day of Ski School
That's Jordan
second from the left
... now moving
into the lead
Colin gets some
Colin on the towbar
Jordan safely down
Emily stayed home and
looked after Granny
Dinner with Friends
Dinner out with Anne's fellow Board
member Andy, his Wife Sylvia and their
son Connor ... who is seven, like
Jordan, so we brought Jordan along.
They hit it off right away ....
Third Day of Ski School
"I've fallen and I won't get up!!"
Colin with Beryl, his very
patient ski instructor
Fourth Day of Ski School
Colin with Beryl, top centre
First taste of
peanut butter
Jordan on
the  right
Beryl sets Colin
off on his own ...
Jordan on the left, chatting up
classmate Clare
Jordan in
the centre
Fifth Day of Ski School
Beryl teaches the
snowplow to Colin
"Rocket" Jordan
on the slopes
Emily bonds with one
of Granny's bears
Visit to the Museum of Nature
They hooked up with
another pair of brothers
... and the Museum of
Science & Technology
Snowboarding in an artificial reality
Jordan invited Papa to
join him in a game of
pong on the Holodeck
We're in the upper left
corner ... our eventual score
was 9-6 and we were in the
Top Ten of the day!
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Colin gets his first ride on a chair lift,
with accommodating instructor Eric

Then, Eric oversees his trip back down