Kandahar Diary
Iain arrived in Kandahar on February 26, 2006 to begin a six-month
deployment with the army staff at the Kandahar Airfield in southern
DND Photo
The Canadian
base at Kandahar
Iain sent this "safe arrival" email to Jennifer:

From: Iain
Date: 2006/02/26 Sun AM 10:09:05 EST
To: Jennifer
Subject: Deja Vu all over again

I've reached my destination a day early! I'm settling in, although I'm
not sure if I am in my final tent. I'm in a weatherhaven like last time
but we have dividers. My in-clearance was smooth.

The food here is good and there are lots of facilities. I'm not sure
what everyone was talking about comparing it to Julien. The coffee
ain't cheap but it is pretty good.

My trip was uneventful. It was pretty much a repeat of the last trip.

The place smells the same (sewage, bad diesel, garbage,
burning), but I can't complain. Its a lot noisier. We are out in the
desert, however, so it is a little different that last time.

I'm trying hard to stay awake for two more hours. I'm having a hard
time following conversations right now!

Tell the kids that I love them! I'll try and call tomorrow.


DND Photo
Weatherhaven sleeping
quarters at Kandahar
DND Photo
Welfare trailers where
soldiers can phone and
email back to Canada
The smog over the town comes
from the thousands of cooking
fires. It usually dissipates by
noon. The mountains in the
distance then come into view -
giant, brooding, khaki cliffs ....
Photo and quote
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