August 2007
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Our Day on the
Steam Train
Kelly, Iain and families presented Grandad with a fun
birthday present - a day on the Gatineau steam train!  The
package included seats in a private compartment and a
continental breakfast. The reservations were for August
18th and it turned out to be a perfect day!
Emerging from the engine house ...

They have a full train today, using all
of their nine carriages, so the diesel
is needed to help manage the load.
The engine is 100 years old this year.
Jennifer and Iain present
the birthday gift!
The trip began with a continental
breakfast served in our private
compartment. The delicious muffins and
buns were cooked on board that morning.
The weather was perfect
Julie, the hostess and tour
guide for our carriage
Musicians visited the
first class lounge
Punching tickets
with a smile!
Grandad discovered that he could
open the window, lean out and watch
the engine. The whistle sounded
Looking back along the train
The staff of a Wakefield
pub welcome the train for
its two-hour stop,  
We watched the engine as it was
turned around for the trip back home.
The turntable was originally from
Kingston where it was used in the
downtown Kingston yard. It was moved
to Wakefield in 1974.
It was the
musicians who
operated the
Grandad had a
tour of the cab
and engine
We had lunch
across the street
... and then a quick glass in a
pub above the tracks, where
we could look down on the
engines getting ready for the
return trip
Granny stood guard to make sure they
didn't forget to hook us up again!
Topping up from
the water tower
Goodbye to
Now we're the last
car in the train
Chelsea Dam with the Ottawa
skyline in the distance
Drinks were served
The joy of a private
The musicians
serenade us as we
leave the train
... thanks to
Kelly & Fred,
Jennifer & Iain
for a wonderful
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