March 2004
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- Iain & family visit Ottawa

- Emily arrives!

- More pics of Emily and family!

- Another visit to Petawawa
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Emily arrives!
Emily Olivia was born on the morning of March 3rd.
9 lbs 4 oz
In the afternoon, her Dad brought Auntie Lisa, Colin
and Papa to see Emily and her Mummy (Jordan was
in school, Granny was in Toronto).
Emily had just had her lunch, and she was enjoying an
afternoon nap!
An admiring Dad and Auntie Lisa
A happy mother!

Colin was awestruck!
Three generations
(unfortunately a little fuzzy)
Jennifer telling us about
how the Pembroke General
is so peaceful and quiet
We got back in time to meet Jordan at
the school bus. After supper, Daddy
would take Jordan in to see Emily and