Kandahar Diary
From: Iain
Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 9:21:37 AM
Subject: What else I've been doing

After two days at the platoon house I went out on an
overnight patrol in the mountains.  With our armour,
weapons and rucksacks full of water it was a gruelling
two days.  A lot of it was bouldering, basically
clambouring over large rocks as we crept up the
mountain.  I was grateful for my mountain warfare
exercise with the Marines all those years ago.

I was fairly exhausted but quite happy when we got
back to the platoon house.  The CO gave a talk to the
company by firelight, followed by an open question and
answer period.  I think that the reporters were there,
so you may see or hear bits of it.  Pretty inspiring
moment and I was glad to be there.


p.s. I've had three Burger King meals and one Pizza
Louie Palu Photo
Globe and Mail
On patrol in rough mountainous
terrain during operation 'Sola
Louie Palu Photo
Globe and Mail
Members of the Princess Patricia's
Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) 1st
Battalion gathered in the main
compound of the Gombad safe
house after operation 'Sola Kowel'
to listen to Lt Col Ian Hope who is
the commanding officer of Task
Force Orion and the Canadian
Battle Group in Kandahar to
discuss all aspects of 'Sola Kowel'
It was a spooky, stirring sight, the
wiry 43-year-old CO standing on
the edge of the firepit, an oil lamp
beside him, the boys gathered all
around, many sitting on the roof,
legs dangling beneath them.
Christie Blatchford
                   Globe and Mail