August 2004
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Emily's Baptism
Algonquin Park

Emily's Baptism
Emily ready to depart
for the chapel
Emily and her
proud parents
This is the invitation that
Jennifer and Iain sent out by
email for Emily's baptism
Kelly and Fred are Emily's godparents
(photo while departing Jennifer & Iain's
for the chapel)
The evening before ...
Kelly with Rex, Granny,
Jennifer's sister Alex
and mother, Pat.
Kelly and Rex,
Granny and Emily
Fred's sister Jessica, Fred's
nieces Rebecca and Sarah, Fred
Mother and daughter arrive
Getting everybody
organized inside the chapel
Iain with Marcus, Jordan, Colin
The priest invites everybody
to the front of the chapel
Colin steps up and
takes over the service
It's been a long
morning for a little
girl ....
... then has the young folks sit down to
witness the baptism. From left, Marcus,
Colin, Joshua (Jessica and Dana's
son), Rex, Julius, Jordan, Rebecca
That book looks
interesting ....
Papa got his hair cut
just in case
someone decided to
take a photo of him
with his first
The godparents
contemplating their
Enough is enough!!
Jennifer reminding Papa that he's
supposed to be on his way to collect
the food for the reception
The cake
Iain and Dana take advantage of the
buffet lunch organized by Jennifer
Emily was in good
spirits after a little nap
Sarah and Uncle Fred have
a kitchen conversation
Emily with her
Auntie Alex
Rex has a
moment to himself
Jordan, Marcus, Julius
Emily gets ready to cut the cake
Colin declares the
cake a success ...
Marcus tucks into his
cake while Julius is
more interested in the
... so does Emily!
Packing in the rain
Seat belts secure for the long journey
home (Joshua hopping out after saying
goodbye to his cousins)
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