September 2005
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London - Kelly's

Kelly's Birthday!
Kelly's "Dessert Club" opened their monthly meeting to
husbands and kids, and invited a few parents as well!  
Sandra and Dale hosted us at their house just outside
of London. What a great location for a party!
Our hostess Sandra
welcomes "YooHoo" the clown
Rex, Kelly, Sarah & her children
Jacob (in hot tub), Julia
Granny didn't know that this
clown belongs to ONA!  ....          
Barbara (foreground) and our
host Dale (background)
YooHoo entertains the kids
Sarah, Kelly, Kate
Marcus and Rex airborne
Will (Allyson & Henry)
and Marcus with YooHoo
Granny watches Fred and
Rex in the pool ... and
Marcus climbing the ladder
for another slide
Julius by the pool
with sword in hand
Sandra welcomes everyone, announcing
that it's someone's birthday ...
in front left to right - Tony (Kate) and their
daughter Vanessa, Julius, Marcus, Julia
(Sarah & Glen), Claire (Barb & Ron)
Ron & Barb (behind
Granny) talking with
Kelly & Fred
Henry (Allyson), Barbara, Sarah,
Allyson, Kelly, Fred, Bill
Rex takes a break on
Grandad's shoulder
Crowd-pleaser Rick McGee is
well-known to Western grads!
Sandra took Nathan (Kate & Tony)
Julius, Kelly and Rex for a spin in her
grandfather's "Ford"
Bill and Pam (Allyson)
give Kelly some pointers
on clown makeup
Rex dreaming of the open road
Library talk
Granny and Dale
Rex goes through his paces
Grub's up!
Sarah presents Kelly
with a birthday cake!
Sandra leads a chorus
of Happy Birthday!
Rex, Kelly, Jacob, Julia, Granny
At center is Sarah, holding Jacob ...
Glen (Sarah) is behind Kelly. Ron &
Barb have just launched a cork
satellite ... their daughter Claire is at
lower front
Kelly, Claire, Nathan,
Julia, Granny
Soccer game
Barb and Allyson talk
with Kelly and Sarah
Rex enjoys his watermelon
Julius gets
some altitude
Rex and Claire behind Marcus,
Julius in flight at right
Claire's done this before!
Marcus scores a basket
Granny and Rex oversee
Jackson and Sam (Allyson &
Henry) in water with Marcus
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