July 2006
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Canada Day




Kingston Weekend
Kingston Weekend
Granny had a business meeting in Kingston, so Jennifer
hosted Granny and Papa for a weekend with the family.
Emily ready to step out
with Mummy and Granny
Talking to Daddy
Papa gets a chance to drive the Weber ...
but Emily thinks it's all taking too long!
A lightning strike was the probable
cause of a power outage in the
neighbourhood, but although the
trouble seemed to be centred right
across the street, Jennifer & Iain's was
one of the few houses unaffected
Emily agrees that Mummy
cooks a great breakfast!
Fun in the park
Emily didn't always
get her way!
so she went over the hill ...
... and "convinced" Jordan to give up
one of the nets!

Jordan is hunting insects with Tristan,
one of the neighbourhood boys
Jennifer visits with Tristan's mum.
His dad goes to Afghanistan in a
couple of weeks
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Granny and Papa stopped for supper at Smugglers' Run at Ivy
Lea in the Thousand Islands. That's Interstate 81 in the distance
on the left, and Capt Jack Sparrow's flag is flying at right!