July 2006
Canada Day




Kingston Weekend
PEI Vacation
We had a two-week vacation in PEI.

Jennifer, Jordan, Colin and Emily joined us, back in our familar
Poplar Cottage at Windermere in Stanhope.
Anne, Emily, Jennifer on  
Ross Lane beach at sunset
On our way to PEI, Granny and Papa
had a pleasant stopover at the Delta
Hotel in Fredericton
A welcome sight!
One of the few times we got by
Dunes without stopping ... note
the expansion on the left!
The foxes have
become very tame
Covehead wharf ...
Richard's is still there!
Emily and Jennifer at
the Confederation
Centre outdoor theatre
Sunset at Ross Lane ... Jordan is the  
figure on the left at the water's edge,
with a cottage friend and his mother
Jordan ... Emily having a wade
Jellyfish had taken over
Ross Lane beach
Grandad and Jordan
push Colin and Emily
Emily takes her
swinging very seriously
Colin, Emily, Jordan
in cooperative play
Hambly visit
A Day at Brackley Beach
Because of the jellyfish and also the fact that Ross Lane is a
rocky beach this year, we decided to try Brackley Beach.  

Fewer jellyfish and almost no rocks ... a very pleasant day!
Papa and Emily
Jordan makes a friend
... and gets to fly her kite!
Lessons on the board
Colin and Jordan at the
Cavendish Cows
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