April 2006
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Visit to Kingston

The Fence

Easter in Kingston

Longboat Key

Jordan's First
Back to Longboat Key
Anne and David returned to
Longboat Key again this year,
meeting up with Wayne and Wilma
We were at the Sea Horse Beach Resort again, with its beautiful beach and lovely sunsets
Anne and David at the Tampa Airport
Wilma looking very business-like
We had the same
condo as last year
... it was like coming
On our first evening, we dined at Ciao's
Our first day on the beach was just
about the only day that we had
breakers ... David tried out the water
First breakfast!
Our evenings were usually spent on
Wayne & Wilma's balcony, enjoying
good food (from a
barbeque!) and gorgeous sunsets
Wilma and David have a
snooze on the beach
We had regular heavy
machinery traffic as they were
re-building the beach near the
hotel ... the fishermen were
not inclined to move ....
Some of the guests
tried their hand with
the fishing
Our friendly (?) bird visitor,
a regular at meal hours
Our bird friend
waits for some
action ....
Back view of David as he
starts off on his morning run
Anne went on a morning walk while
David did his run ... here, David waves
to Anne from the beach side of the
roadside hedge
Unlike last year, the gulf water
was calm on most days during
our stay. The water was quite
deep only a few feet from
shore ... here, Anne waves as
she stands on tippy-toes
Local information
An older beach house, built on stilts.
Supper at Tommy Bahama's
... the photo below shows an
outside view of Tommy
Bahama's clothing store and
restaurant (on the corner
beyond the trees)
Anne & David on a shopping
expedition to
St Armand's Circle
Our neighbours for most of our stay
were a family group with three
generations of brothers, sisters and
cousins. Here, David has a beer with
the guys as they barbeque
An evening at Pattigeorge's
On our final full day, Wayne was
the last to leave the beach
A last look at the beach before starting
off for the airport ... our four lounge
chairs looking lonely ... Anne has a
final moment in her favourite chair
Wayne and David structured their days
around finding a place where they
could go on-line. Here, they're at the
Tampa airport, just before going into
the departure lounge.
In the departure lounge, vacation over,
but reservations are made for 2007!
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