April 2006
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Visit to Kingston

The Fence

Easter in Kingston

Longboat Key

Jordan's First
The Fence
Iain & Jennifer's neighborhood
held a group fence-building
Installing posts along the road side of
Iain & Jennifer's house
Hmm ... where is that
property line again?
A nervous moment
More posts
Moving the auger
into position ... Papa
wished he had worn
his gloves!
Jennifer watched this
part very closely!
Emily greets a visitor
Behind Colin, Jordan and
their friend Raisha, the
neighborhood ladies are
admiring the fence posts
Installation starts on
the fence panels
The center corner
takes shape
This view from behind
Iain & Jennifer's house
shows some gaps in
the fence
The center corner from
the other side, looking
toward Iain & Jennifer's
house (left)
... that had to be filled
in with panels that
were re-engineered
...  requiring
Colin with Emily in
the background
The last gap is filled
Everyone pitched in
Emily finds an
escape route
but it soon was
closed off!
View from the deck, with the
group (including Jennifer) in
the background finishing off
the other yards
Jennifer and next-door neighbour
Chad consult on the gate design ...
Chad and Randy (who is the
gentleman in the red T-shirt two rows
above) installed the gate on Tuesday
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