April 2006
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Visit to Kingston

The Fence

Easter in Kingston

Longboat Key

Jordan's First
Visit to Kingston
Anne had an overnight visit with
Jennifer and the kids  
Emily showed off
a new hairstyle
Then Anne went on to Toronto where
she participated in an ONA victory!  
York Central Hospital Registered Nurses Unionize:

Vote to Join Ontario Nurses' Association

TORONTO - Following a very successful campaign, more than 600
York Central Hospital Registered Nurses have chosen to unionize,
voting yesterday to join the Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA).

ONA provides members with labour relations services, including
contract negotiations and enforcement, patient care concerns,
continuing education, communications services, malpractice insurance,
and much more. The organization is currently carrying out an
ambitious public awareness campaign regarding the province's nursing

ONA representatives have worked with RNs at York Central since
2005. Nurses at the facility, which has approximately 415 beds and
services a large community in Richmond Hill, have been increasingly
concerned with workload issues, scheduling changes, and excessive
amounts of overtime.

ONA is the union representing 51,000 front-line Registered Nurses
and allied health professionals working in Ontario hospitals, long-term
care facilities, public health, the community and industry.
The ONA War Room
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